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define's Mission

Collaboratively reveal a young woman’s unique and innate strengths and talents;

Bring clarity, focus and intention to her brand and voice;

And ultimately, position her for success with newfound confidence and direction.   


You should work with define if:

You sincerely desire to grow as an individual.

You are ready to examine your strengths and weaknesses.

You desire to define your goals and mission and are ready to work hard to achieve them.


we love this definition...

de·fine    diˈfīn/    verb

  1. state or describe exactly the nature, scope, or meaning of.

  2. mark out the boundary or limits of.



Claire Buffie

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New York, NY


this is an investment you are making in yourself

We offer multiple tiers of development based on time and investment. The content of these conversations and consultations is driven by YOU. We are here to help you clarify your brand, develop your platform and position yourself for success in life...not just the interview room. By truly understanding the job—the reality—you will be more equipped and knowledgeable. We will help you apply that knowledge and leverage your innate strengths and talents to take you a step above the rest. To complete your entire brand on stage and off, we discuss every phase of competition for continuity.

Initial Consult

When you create your dream team, everyone has to be the right fit for YOU. Let's meet via Skype for 20 minutes and see if we're a match all together.


$525 for a 3-hour package ($175/hr)
Three hourly sessions over Skype (or in person) to dive into paperwork strategy and improvements (content & structure), social impact advocacy development and talking point framing and messaging. Outside of these hour-long sessions, we independently research platform opportunities, develop questions and share marketing templates to put your plan in motion. 

mock interview

$150 per session
Deciding whether or not to work together? Send in your paperwork and we will conduct a 10-minute mock interview via Skype. Following the mock interview, we will debrief with paperwork recommendations and suggested next steps for your preparation. Usually, we are able to repeat this process in one hour. This session may be purchased as a first-time client or by a current client as an add-on to any package. 

Interview Boot camp

Contact for pricing. In person is always most effective! With this package, we recommend having 1 session before and 1 session after your trip to NYC. Based on your needs and personal support, we an do this session one-on-one for the full time, or add a mock interview in person with diverse state-level judges from within and outside of pageantry. 
Two Options:
• 4-hour session in NYC one-on-one + a full mock interview + includes 2 sessions (1-hour each) over Skype
• 6-hour session in NYC one-on-one + includes 2 sessions (1-hour each) over Skype

Bring a Friend discount: Share your package and get a discount!  1 Skype session each + 5-hour shared interview session in NYC.
You will share your session time, working both one-on-one and together like a workshop. Sitting in on each other's mock interviews gives you a chance to gain perspective from behind the judges table.  Recommended for friend out of state

Comprehensive two-day intensive

Contact for pricing. Includes 3 sessions (1-hour each) over Skype + 2 full 8-hr days in NYC
This two-day intensive is the deep dive into your personal brand, paperwork development, interview and public speaking training, aligning your brand across all areas of competition, and marketing plan development for your social impact initiative. This also includes a mock interview with a panel of judges. With this package, you also have full access to Claire at any time. Weekends are first-come, first-serve. Weekdays are now available.

Introductions and consultations with wardrobe showrooms, choreographers, voice coaches or other talent resources are included, but actual rehearsals should be scheduled outside of your 16-hour weekend with DEFINE. These sessions are at the cost of the individual. Photoshoots with Claire Buffie Photography are scheduled outside of your time with DEFINE, and are privy to discounted rates.

The 3-hour package can roll into the Comprehensive Intensive package.

Travel is at the cost of the individual in any package.

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